Lesser Known Saint


Get your swag here. Mega-sweet T-shirts and these super retro things called “CDs.” When we were kids we used to buy these things at “record stores.” Now they’re mainly used as coasters.

Free old-school LKS logo stickers with every order! (But you have to promise to not call it “tribal.” Otherwise Jim will get mad.)

Shipping is $2.00 per item.


  • Cause Ribbon Shirt

    Cause Ribbon – $7

  • Pheonix Shining Shirt (Brown)

    Phoenix Shining (Brown) – $10

  • Pheonix Shining Shirt (Red)

    Phoenix Shining (Red) – $10

  • Classy Shirt (Brown)

    Classy (Brown) – $10

  • Classy Shirt (Red)

    Classy (Red) – $10

  • Blood Tree Shirt (Pink Centered)

    Blood Tree (Pink Centered) – $10

  • Blood Tree Shirt (Offset)

    Blood Tree (Offset) – $10


If you feel like throwing us a couple of bucks and getting yourself a genuine LKS CD in the process, here they are for your shopping pleasure. But remember, you can download all of our music for free!

  • ATD CD Case

    At This Distance (CD) – $3

  • Steps CD Case

    Steps (CD) – $3

  • NYP CD Case

    New Years Project (CD) – $5