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The Lines of History
The Lines of History (Instrumental)
New Years Project
At This Distance


2010.05.29 – Triple Rock [Minneapolis MN]

Jim's 30th birthday show. Thanks to Casey Hickey and Katie Aguado for the pictures!

63 Photos

2010.04.15 – The Beat [Minneapolis MN]

These pictures were taken from Red Handed Production's Facebook page, with their permission. Thanks guys!

57 Photos

 2010.01.29 – Hexagon Bar [Minneapolis MN]

This was our first show in two years. Not sure where these pictures came from, but if you recognize them, let us know and we'll make sure to credit you.

28 Photos

2006.01.28 – Triple Rock Social Club [Minneapolis MN]

Not really sure who took these pictures. But thanks for them anyway, whoever you are.

24 Photos