Lesser Known Saint

02. Unbearable Likeness

From the album Steps


A likeness unbearable of imaging
A sunset recently forgotten — ignored, or never seen?

You take life away from me —
But it’s only passing fantasy

Visible this reproduction
A lesson never learned
Refusing action — manifest
Content in looking on

Enterprise to exploit lies
That once were dreams
Delusion bent to pacify
Hopes in idol scenes

This vivid reality —
Merely drawing your passivity

Secession of liberation
Captured in your TV
Erotic Fiction — disinfects
The risk of reasoning

Disincline those longing
Eyes that once held dreams
Now flood with idol scenes

Reminiscent of the deepest hue
[of] An eye unfit for objective view

Expectation failing through a quiet aspiration
Expectation failing through the image of profession
Expectation failing through a trifling of confession

Your Life as passing fantasy


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