Lesser Known Saint

01. Apartoplayourself

From the album Steps


You tease that languor is what got me here
Subversive, underclassic tale

But I’m the proof you’re fit for err
Beyond redemption

You take pity on my face because you fear my fate
But I’d never allow you to ever be my saving grace
It’s not a part for me to play
So keep your charity – everything you clearly worked so hard for
And continue feigning I’m not here
You smug imprudent whore

Impaction on your naive bliss
While misfortune swallows all my pride
A prisoner of this darkened mile

Pushed to the margins – bound with dishonor
Ceaseless quarantine
Too much to offer to me
No attempt to capture the moment could circumvent this state I’m in
Tied to your routine – Pawn

Burying my issue deep in narrow mind
You’re blind to the failing

An agitating presence worth
Driving your – serenity now broken
Of pretending that it’s too late
To let me surface – to venture notice

Content to lie
Selling me your life so stable – supporting me a chore
But we share the same exposure


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