Lesser Known Saint

05. World War H2

From the album New Years Project


Tanks of gasoline help to cut the sting
While ashes to dust to life will bring
Another wave breaking endlessly
Of those to die without memory
Of those to die without dignity

The moth that fights my windshield everyday
Signals tomorrow will mark the same worthless change
A mundane task repeating the faults of insight
Feeding your God your crude, your way of life

Pigs riding in style – wasting for naught
Revel as the victor of a war you never fought

Sacrifice their women and make Him smile upon you
Their children will make good gifts when this battle is through
Cast aside all regret and take these days for granted
Pray at the pump and drive your war to work

Military chic and camo capris
In the backseat of your Hummer giving head on your knees
Pass this sermon from cubicle to corner office
Spend this blood money well – there’s still a lot more to do
We should have imposed a world religion by the time this is through

No more Gods of sea or storm – of wind and fire
We have Gods of the car and the phone wire
The Gods in America – the ones which survive –
Are the Gods which are gluttons and consume our lives

Eat up your culture from a big silver spoon
Spouting accusations of hardship while you roll around town
In your big SUV taking up two lanes of road
With your bling bling and big walk and stud in your nose

Pretty boys playing gangster and running at the mouth
A lot of talk with no knowledge of all the hypocrisy you spout
Bombard us with tales of how you lived on the street
Smile for the camera – smile so oppressed – and retreat

Turn your head and cough – just another silly tool for a big money machine
Raining an image down on me a hundred times old

Good game, son – now eat your fill
Take your share and then some – more from the kill
Good small soldiers play rough on the field
They burn air and buy crap that no one needs
No need to fight for your survival when you can just feed the slaughter and live like kings

With this, the fate of the world on your shoulders
You quote the bible while lighting forest fires
Out loud, uncovered, now I see how you are soft
No need for crying I’ll just brush my shoulders off


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