Lesser Known Saint

02. Monogamy Denial

From the album New Years Project


The bottle spills, pouring out your life after fire
As eyes fade – pull the shades
And deny the course of an action

Philosophical debate points to yet another
False illusion of the freedom you thought you had
A bond not yet broken – that day and forever

So what if your whole world is crashing down on you?
Well, at least you didn’t miss life coming through the crowd

Lipstick smeared to meet a mascarade
Of failing limbs and naïve tears
Intoxicated swaying to distance repressed fear

A brief commercial break for you to regain the calm
And collected stare now burning through your past mistakes

But hope in strengthened ties – the poetic bullet’s been taken –
And all that counts is the promise of tomorrow’s shame

Soon – the fall necessary to overcome this nagging rejection
An admission of persisting solitude
You’ll learn the wary route

To say you’re alone does not mean you must fold

The anguish in identical perception
A beating down of dependency through attachment

So now you understand lies
Don’t say I never told you so