Lesser Known Saint

10. Godshatter

From the album New Years Project


The flood of a Goliath pounding on my brain

One out of none leaves a sight to see
With lucid dream made reality
Such a true beautiful blight
A world terminating sight
A goal lost on me

Buried somewhere in a language I don’t comprehend
You are the post-mortem ever-present means to my end

Resurrection gone
My sister in a life beyond the unthinking deep

A goal lost on me

Now we’ve got your God dying to fit inside my head
Bombarding me with every ounce I can take

So significant, the selling of my cause
There’s no preventing it, I’m finishing my charge
To grind my teeth and bow my head, to show humility through the eyes of the dead
Would you risk everything to lose me?

Knowledge staining a whirlpool wake of love
Constant struggle to embed everything with meaning
Knowledge staining the edge of space
Constant struggle left to embrace: a purpose
Reason, a rift, a gift that transcends

Gazing at your world as a child views a zoetrope
As wolves with a collective conscious tear my form limb from limb


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