Lesser Known Saint

11. From Ovens To Heavens

From the album New Years Project


The heat of Heaven bears down on mass scale
My ears ring the humming of the world
As the spin falls short of making mark
This is not what was offered

As neglect turns to misguided assault
Clogging your freeways
This is more than you offered

Waking up in a shower stained with my patriot pride
This small-town corporate ride / free to all willing blind

Ties leaving much undone
Raw stock creeps through my veins now
Tainting old blood
Mixing thrill and disquiet for those to sway

Running red lights is now public routine
Each incident seen favors those in the clear
It isn’t a crime if we all follow suit
Unlawful concern is in fashion this year

Hostility sought without due concentration
Historical value is such trite retort
You lack the conviction to burn down these bridges
It’s all out of your hands – All I ask is you pass me the torch

I said it’s no longer in your hands
I didn’t ask you to burn this bridge
Just pass me the torch

You turn the channel but it’s all fear
Is this more entertaining?
Sales wrapped in shock and awe
And they say – this is more entertaining

What you can’t fight is a foe invented for you on the screen
So why worry for life and love with your dignity gone?
Squandered time lost, never meant to recover
Earned net worth once learned
Teaching us lessons the hard way
What have we become if we live through this?

Still counting minutes two hours past dawn
Can’t you see? – we take nothing from this run
Can’t you see? – it’s not red if your gone

Don’t you dare slow down

Stripped down in teeth for your pall
Give me the Jaws of Life – You should have driven home


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