Lesser Known Saint

12. Excuse Me, My Friend

From the album New Years Project


Open letter to a faker
It appears that heart was just ripe for stringing
Only bought because I’m no better
Isn’t that why I’m so damn eager to befriend?

Friends with benefits or for a common goal
Filling the voids of all those who can’t stand
To be alone – to eat, sleep, die alone
Apparently best doesn’t mean the same

The closeness we need fades with age
As you let your business and pleasure mix in unlucky ways

Put up – be a man who lays a word of truth down on the line, or
Shut up, because experience without maturity is such a waste of time

Mistakes become unreadable to all but me
First impressions only mattered when everyone still wore their heart on their sleeve

Full of promise / fat with promises
But I’ve run out of doubts worth fielding
Anger always stems from solitary fear

My failure to relate your cries or sympathize stems from a place I have to find
But who will be my guide?

Pay attention
Passive rival – excuse my bid for late survival
Your words won‘t carry weight


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