Lesser Known Saint

03. Everest

From the album New Years Project


Virtue cast aside with empty chances
Serving genocide to the bustling masses
Ants of people ride coattails while making passes
Just to get a dime spared from any

This mountain of a ladder climbs above delinquent crosses

As you raise your control
Pushing aesthetic of desired effect
Iā€™m so sorry I have nothing to offer
Myopic, still caring for keeping score

Fetching food for those holding your hopes above your ā€“
Head now stuck on those who hum the tune to make you ā€“

Facilitate the bargaining to
Work twice as hard for half the recoup
A shallow place to rest your head and wait for progress

Cutting the tether that breaks my neck breaking your fall

A cloak and dagger killing spree
Color draining from me
A can of gray to coat this town
Too soon to turn around

Not planning to live past these white-out conditions
Not speaking your mind even as I race you to the top
Tease extinction promoting desecration
Seeking emancipation from the depths of a brooding sky


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