Lesser Known Saint

04. Baby’s First Factory Job

From the album New Years Project


Salicylamide overdose – cascading disenchantment

March rolls in like a man – out like a cow
How quickly we forget marriage is a solely financial endeavor
When our freedom is on the line

A heated debate becomes simple sleight-of-hand
My lover: a quota to fill
My drug: an expensive walk down with the apes
My crush: the hazards of hunting big game

Imply that I set aside my pride and die this time

This time I reject your supine generosity
Fake, love-scorned and war torn evolutionary tie

It’s time now –
I did not ride out my Father’s dime to have to do his time
This increasing debt so self-sufficient

Temporary, yet still thankless
I remain imprisoned – trapped
And there’s nothing He can say to make us right

This brings the fight to your doorstep
I’ll ring the bell on your pink slip

An irregular cyclical pattern of points
Set to waste away
On a predetermined path of destruction

Fan this flame more, and stake your caste
Watching the floor, pushing time past
Fan this flame more, and stake your caste – a slave

Holding peers for ransom, bleeding to concede
Are we nothing more than the sum of the last hundred years of war -
Just weak weeding frail?
You’re frail.


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