Lesser Known Saint

08. Arc Of Descent

From the album New Years Project


Rules to define — how two plus two can equal five through your divine eyes
Massing, carelessly appeased to fall in line
And ignore the injustice being generated by an imperfect state
Criticizing those who would extend condolence beyond their own race

It’s not faulted to want revenge for this
Just maintain the importance of an objective view
I won’t let my frustration coerce my compassion

How can you sit there smug and believe the actions being taken
in our name are morally pure without question?
What then makes us anything more than terrorists ourselves?

My sedition is in defense of those now dead — sinless life taken
My heart is not restricted to bleeding only for those who share my descent
Open your eyes and see this “our cause is better than their cause” mentality will fail

Violence sires violence — peace sires peace — bias fuels hate

Resentment bred by loss — causing mercy to be crossed
A lapse in achieving union
Freedom is claimed as reason for the machine of waging war
And all who oppose take exile

[Name] Your name is slandered by engagements your country makes in haste
If we are not just then we have no right to exist at all — Fall

I will not sit by pretending your “protection of my freedoms”
is an attempt to rid the world of terror –
We are not above the policies we so willingly enforce on other nations

No one has the right to taking another’s life away
My life, and claim to protect

I’ll pledge to all:
This is my good fortune, this is my good name