Lesser Known Saint

08. Why I Breathe

From the album At This Distance


Recent memories flood my head in black and white
Colors fade from the scenes I see as I bide my time
Set the phone down at my side and pray you’ll call
You hurt me without a word and it’s all my fault

Silence now falls all around, save my pounding head
Reconstructing feeling buried in what was said
Trying to find solace in my trust in you
Because I can’t be the one to blame when this all is through

Can I die from lack of sleep?
Dull this pain from day to day?
I reach out my hand – you push it away
All I told myself I wouldn’t do
Was thrown aside because of you
Scared to death if I back off… I won’t see you again

Words on words until nothing’s left, what had little worth
Waxing on humility – preying on the earth
Foundation now structured on what could’ve been
The perfect ending to the perfect sin

But what then, when I show you my heart
And you laugh at it’s state?
I can’t help what I’ve been without
And what came too late

God, I still need you – Pray you still need me too
Question why I breathe – Look everywhere, you’re all I see