Lesser Known Saint

05. Sinking Feeling

From the album At This Distance


I watch as my friendships fade away
The beginnings of another day
Resentment condensing on the walls – Causing me to cower now
Detaching from it all

Because I can’t hold on anymore
This baggage is more than bargained for
And I don’t have the time for your excuses anyway
And when I’m scared I haven’t come this far
I look out through the open door
And yet I can’t be sure
But I think there’s a better place

And it comes back to me again

And I sink as the river pulls me in
Ascension from what could’ve been
Water floods my chest, embracing from within my soul
And yet I choose to go

Because I can’t hold you anymore
This novelty has long since worn
The fondness is all but gone – yet I miss you anyway
And when I’m scared I’ve grown or gone too far
You’re here inside my heart
You’ve been there from the start
Just in different clothes
And you’ll come back to me again


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