Lesser Known Saint

01. Remain Standing

From the album At This Distance


Embody all that I adore
And everything that’s wrong with my life
Choosing kindness such a chore
When you prefer offense

Squander your last breath
Praying I won’t get through this
Slave to bar my path
Just don’t expect me to notice

I won’t suffer

Pain – you wish to kindle – recognize that your
Hate – not shared between us – if you want me
Awake – lead by example – I won’t depreciate

Require my ambition die
For me to be in your favor
Benefiting you in time
Once my name’s been slandered

Weak platonic masses fall – under the weight of shame
Your submissive pawns stood strong – until a light wind came
My once lucid fondness gone – clouded by

Compliant – waiting for their turn
Once sovereign factions bend to your will
Can’t surmount my unconcern
I remain standing

Blinded by