Lesser Known Saint

02. Guilty

From the album At This Distance


Heavy hearted, rising on this day
A day at present put off far too long
How can I convince you what’s done is done
And that you did nothing wrong?

I swore I’d tell the truth
But I never wanted you to cry

It’s not that I don’t love you
You’re just not the one for me
This is not for lack of virtue
I hope someday you’ll agree

Broke and heartless, sitting speechless now
You’re sobbing to me through the phone again
Can’t take this much longer, but what kind of man am I
If I can’t be here as a friend?

I still do care for you
But I need you to be moving on

And it’s not that I don’t want you
In some way still with me
But this is already unhealthy
This is not how friends should be

The decision to hurt you is killing me
But I won’t be sorry for how I feel
Why can’t you see it only hurts you more if I go
And hide from you what it is I feel inside?


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