Lesser Known Saint


Axel Aguado – Guitar, Vocals
Mike Britson – Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Neumann – Drums
Andy Rutledge – Bass
Jim Schloemer – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Is it possible for a “drinking band with a rock problem” to actually care about every single note they play? Despite a fondness for booze of all forms, Minneapolis transplants Lesser Known Saint don’t let consumption get in the way of their shared desire to create dynamic music full of intertwining melodies, waves of texture, and sludgy riffs. With three guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, and three vocalists – fueled by black tooth grins and Black Label beer – the band wields a great amount of power. However, as a wise man once said, with great power comes great responsibility. It would be very easy for songs to dissolve into disarray; fortunately, this is a fine line which Lesser Known Saint seemingly treads with ease.

The remarkable versatility of Lesser Known Saint has been evident since their inception. Years of experimentation sees the band now taking their versatility and filtering it through the lens of experience, continuously adding a critical ingredient to the mix: focus. Past influences are still present, yet they are displayed in an increasingly organic and natural fashion within the songs. With Lesser Known Saint’s attention to detail, their collective BAC can’t derail their meticulously crafted music and gritty live performances, as songs transition seamlessly from one to another creating a singular, epic and crushing experience.

Recently, Lesser Known Saint has signed with Zero Budget Records.

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