Lesser Known Saint

The future of LKS, if any…

The five of us have decided to bring Lesser Known Saint to an end, a little over decade since Rug and Jim started things. Axel decided to exit the band to focus on his family, and the rest of us figure there’s really no point in continuing on without any minorities to make fun of. So, yeah… there you have it.

We recorded our newest song, “Diaspora,” in October for an upcoming Sound Farm Studio compilation (soundfarm.net/), which will surface sometime in the near future. We still have plans to re-record the guitars for our second full-length, New Years Project, and re-release that in the future. There is talk of a posthumous EP or two, to bring our unfinished material to fruition at some point. There is talk about maybe playing a final show. Some, or all, of these things may happen. Or not. Right now we’re taking a break from it all and focusing on other areas of our lives.

Whatever LKS-related stuff happens in the future, we’ll use our website and our Facebook page to keep you up to date. We intend to continue performing our annual Dimebag Darrell tribute shows. All our previous recordings, and any future releases, will continue to be available for free download via our website and our Bandcamp page. Also, currently Rug, Smallz, and Jimmy have a band called Earthrise (facebook.com/earthriseband), and Jim is playing trumpet in Disaster Bird (disasterbird.bandcamp.com), so check those out if you’re interested.

That is all the news that’s fit to print at the moment. Endless thanks to everyone who has supported us for the last ten years. We certainly don’t pretend to know what the future may hold, but maybe you’ll see us again sometime down the road. For now, we hope you are well and wish you the best.

Much love,
Lesser Known Saint

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