Lesser Known Saint

2011.12.10 – Triple Rock Social Club [Minneapolis MN]


Dimebag Darrell Tribute 2011
w/ Black Garden (members of Casanatra and Gracepoint covering Black Sabbath and Soundgarden), We Are Carcass (members of We Are Legion covering Carcass), and Baglunch (members of Iron Thrones covering The Misfits)
$10 | 8:00 PM | 18+

Once again, the time to honor our fallen hero is upon us. Join us for another night of drinking whiskey and headbanging until we puke. This time around we will have Carcass and The Misfits joining us, as well as the venerable Black Sabbath and Soundgarden. It promises to be an amazing night.

Check out the other bands here:
We Are Legion
Iron Thrones

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