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Mega Huge Holiday Update

The holidays are upon us, and we at LKS have some exciting developments to share with you.

First, as you can plainly see, our new website is finally ready! We’ve been working very hard on it and we’re really proud of how it turned out. Please poke around the site and tell us what you think.

The second piece of news: our new album is finally done! It’s called The Lines of History, it’s been a long time coming, and we’re really, really happy with it. We hope you will be as well!

You can go to our new site now and download every LKS release (including The Lines of History) for free, in the media section. Now, there is a donation button on the media page, if you feel you would like to compensate in some way for your download. It’s not necessary for the download, but every donation is much appreciated.

More on the site: we are still flushing out content, and will continue to update the website with content and posts continually moving forward. The site will have all the requisite band info (our discography, lyrics and tablature for every song we’ve ever written, details of every show we’ve ever played, fliers for most of those shows, pictures from our performances through the years, etc). But we’re also planning on making the site more than just a “band info” page; there will be guitar lessons, posts about the gear we use, reviews of albums we like, rants about current events, and much more! So if you have any interest in knowing some of the random stuff that goes on in our heads and “behind the scenes,” make sure you keep visiting the site and/or subscribe to our RSS feed (by clicking the link at the bottom of the page). You can even sign up for a commenting account and post on articles, letting us know what you think.

For those of you who don’t care to add us to your RSS feeds, or don’t know what the hell an RSS feed is, you can simply choose to continue receiving our lovely (and decidedly random) email updates. Along with the new website, we will be updating our mailing list system. Your email address will continue to be safe with us, but in the near future you will be receiving an email that asks you for permission to add your email address to our new system. If you want to continue receiving updates at the current email address, please follow the confirmation instructions in that email. If you no longer want to receive these updates, don’t do anything at all and you will not be added to the new list. And finally, if you would like to add a new email address to our mailing list, you can easily do so on our new website.

Third piece of news: we have set up a Bandcamp page. So in addition to downloading our new album from our new website, you can also download it from our new Bandcamp profile. As with the new LKS site, you can also download the album from Bandcamp for free, or give us a little money for it if you so choose.

We don’t care which way you decide to download the album, and we don’t care if you choose to give us money for it. Our one request is just to help us spread the word. Tell your kids, tell your wife, and your husband too. Pimp us to your friends. Force us upon your enemies. Our goal always, first and foremost, is simply to spread our musical seed as far and wide as we can.

Fourth: Our annual Dimebag Darrell tribute show quickly approaches! The details are on the show’s post.

So that’s all for now… huge update! Obviously we have a lot going on, so there will be more updates in the next couple weeks (and keep your eyes out for that mailing list confirmation email!). In the meantime, though, please head to our website and download the new album, and let us know what you think.

Hope all is well, and happy holidays!

Much love,
Lesser Known Saint

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