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Dimebag Tribute Show Videos from Last Year – 2009.12.04 – Station 4 [St Paul MN]

Hey Everyone,

So in the spirit of our band taking about a year to do most anything (play shows, record an album, have a baby…wait, what?) we have finally gotten around to posting some low quality hand cam videos from our Dime Tribute show, last year, December 4th at Station 4 in St. Paul.  We had initially borrowed a really wonderful high def camera to use, but my bass ended up distorting the sound too much.  One of these days I’ll have even more gear on stage and people’s ears will distort from the low rumble as well.

Thanks to our buddy Chad Eng for recording these for us.  He also drove our drunk asses home that night.  Pantera used to party and play hour and a half long sets on a daily basis.  We can only handle doing it once a year.  Chad is a stand up guy, though.  He also really loves Manowar and Yanni.  Check out his blog here:

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